Fishing line

Item No.:X2000

FD2000 premium co-polymer lines

Strong monofilament line

  *Made from PA6/PA66 mixes raw material

  *High breaking  strain, and good knot strength

  *Higher transparency and suppleness

  *High specific gravity, fast sinking

  *Suitable for use in freshwater and saltwater

Item No. X3000  

FD3000 superior co-polymer line

  Superior strength monofilament line¡¡

  *Made with co-polymer and multiple polymer raw material

  *Very high breaking strain and with minimum stretch

  *Excellent transparency, suppleness and abrasion   resistance

  *The perfect choice for profession tournament anglers

Nylon Mono. fishing line for fresh water or  saltwater


Packing:100m/coil or 500m/spool.10pcs conected or as customer need.


Blister box per coil or blister card for 2 or 3 coils together is available.

Line Diameter: from 0.10mm to 2.0mm 

Download all diameter with strength here

1 spool in blister card

Tournament Leader wire




2# 12 0.29
3# 15 0.31
4# 17 0.33
5# 20 0.36
6# 26 0.41
7# 37 0.48
8# 39 0.51
9# 48 0.58
10# 58 0.61
11# 64 0.66
12# 79 0.74
13# 89 0.79
14# 99 0.84
15# 109 0.99
3 or 2 spool in blsiter card packing terms

Box packing terms

(1 spool in box)

PE braided line

special braiding technology using ultra high molecular weight polyethylene twine.    

Diameter:from 0.18mm to 0.37mm

Steel wire 1*7 or 7*7 with PVC coated

the line strength from 8lbs to 300lbs! color green or white like the picture!

Send email for more details!

Loop for tying the main line on the fly reel 

15.5cm Adapted Line Tips 

These line tips enables you to switch your fishing tactic easily and effectively. Floating changes quickly to sink-tip, intermediate, fast sink, or super-fast sink.

The possibilities and combinations are many

Fly line backing

Fly line floating or sinking


Fly line Leader


30pcs packing in coil
Tippet Nylon Tippet Material
Highest quality IGFA-class nylonmaterial.
Dimensions: 0,10-0,57 mm.
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braid-steel-line Weihai Fish Dyneema PE Line