Bite Alarm

QQ075 annunciator


1. The production adopted the most advanced electronic annunciator & Anti-theft Alarmtechnic,so as to really amuse & relax yourself during fishing.

2. Needn't absorbedly keep watch fish rod during fishing. The annunciator shall make a sound in a little second & flash while the fishes touched the fishhook.If you leaved the rod;someone stealed or moved the fish rod,annunciator shall raise a scream.

3. It's practicable for any fishing rod with gear & landform.Any fish just touched the fishhook with out reference to it's size,annunciator shall raise a scream.

4. Electric consum ption is small, It bears 3 batteries itself, which can be used one year or so. Took just one look & you shall have learned the simple installation.

5. The production is delicate\agile, convenient .Direct clamp it on fish rod, you can adjust it's angle from 0 to 360 degree,attained to the necessary Sensitivity Place.


You can clamp the annunciator on the Fishing Gear Handle;Also can clamp it on the bracket, make chain wheel upwards, and put up the line, it's ok!Equally you can make it clamp on the other things such as rod¡¢grass,spray,etc. Just put up line, It's practicable too.


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